Monday, 1 April 2019

Decentralisation continued....

An important point I omitted to include in last week's post is that decentralising power, from the centre out to the counties, would mean and allow central government to concentrate on important matters concerning the whole country - like Brexit.

In our second demand 'Real Local Democracy' we outline why the House of Commons should be reduced to around 300 MPs with a second chamber (Senate) of only 100.

The point is with proper decentralisation the current 25 government departments should be easily reduced to around five including The Treasury, Home and Foreign Offices and Defence.

In this way, with the counties organising much of what is currently done so badly from the centre, our MPs could devote the necessary time to understanding the complexities of such issues as Brexit which they have so obviously failed to do.

You only need to read 'The Blunders of our Governments' by Crewe and King to realise that our current top down system is NOT fit for purpose.

The introduction of real meaningful 'Localism' is something we can no longer afford to ignore.



  1. The "Powers" that be seem happy with the current fuck up sadly, and take Welsh Government want to centralise more stuff and amalgamate Councils into unmanageable unaccountable monoliths. This is something we must resist.

    1. I agree centralisation will continue unless and until 'We Demand' change.

      Make contact if you would like to help.