Wednesday, 10 April 2019

It is always the 'People' that suffer most.

A friend of mine sent me this e-mail form a contact he has in Venezula and it clearly shows how it is the 'People' who always bear the costs of government failures and how the elites are the last  to suffer. I believe the chaotic Brexit we are facing will prove this point in spades which is why we need our six demands.

Here is the e-mail:-

I have about 3 weeks in France, I have been very busy, today I just sit down to read and answer the more than 300 emails that I have in the tray, I have only read the very urgent ones.

I left Venezuela the first week of the national blackouts, were difficult days, without water, without internet, without phone, without being able to buy food as there was no way to pay by card, and cash is not enough due to the huge inflation.

In Venezuela there are at least 3 social classes. 90% who do not have the money to eat, 9% have shops, businesses or a good job and money is enough for everything, and 1% that money is abundant for owning large businesses or for being connected to the government, such as the military, ministers, etc.

So in Venezuela you see two realities, 90% that can not eat well, and 10% that do not lack anything. That 10% gets everything in stores well supplied with everything, but at high prices.

Turning to the political issue, on the one hand is Nicolas Maduro, who only thinks about staying in power and stealing all the money he can. And on the other side is the political opposition, with Juan Guaido and all the other politicians, who hope to take political power to steal them. In both cases 90% of the population is affected, but there is a 10% who is very interested in having their politician win for them to do business with the new government.

Venezuela, like any country, needs leaders who love their country, not opportunists. As leaders who love their country there is no, then the solution is for citizens to join to take power. But there is no one to teach them to join. And we (E-nation Unitycoin), are financially limited to campaign and teach citizens to join.


  1. Thanks Niall and a salutary lesson indeed. Our governing elites do not care about the people and this message from Venezuela just underlines the greed and hubris displayed by all of these dysfunctional leaders who should know better. But unless our six demands can be instituted I don't believe there is any hope for the people going forward.

  2. Well said Peter - then there were two!😀

  3. Yes, our hope is the citizens united, the younger have force but not experience and time, the adult are very busy with family and jobs. Then we have the retired people, people that have the experience, the time, but not the money because they are strangled on a tight budget. This revolution must be leadership buy the retired people, the money problem will be solved.

    1. I accept that 'People' of all ages are still too comfortable and unless and until they 'Wake Up' to the reality that our current system of government is failing us nothing will change.

      A further point is that successful revolutions come from the awakening of the middle classes but if they continue to sit on their hands nowt will happen.

      Finally THA is here waiting for the British People when they do wake up and smell the coffee as they say in Brazil!