Thursday, 18 April 2019

Ambassadors needed - apply here!

 I believe few would dispute that Christianity was initially spread as the disciples of Jesus, or followers, became apostles, or messengers, after his death.

Another word for apostle is 'ambassador' and it has always been our intent, from the start, to recruit these to help spread the word about our agenda.

In the 'Pick of the week's correspondence' in this week's edition of The Week  they have printed a letter to the Times commenting on a report that "72% of people surveyed think that the British system of government needs improvement". This tallies with other polls over recent years and is a sad reflection on how dysfunctional Westminster has become, which has been increasingly exposed by the 'Brexit Babel', and thus how the need for our six demands has never been more pertinent.

However the public need to be educated as to what are and why we have our six demands as is evident from the person who wrote to the Times because his comment to that statistic is that the British people need to look at themselves, having voted against the alternative vote system in 2011. If the correspondent really  believes that changing the voting system will change our system of governance then he is seriously lacking in the 'Vision' department!

On Saturday I gave a very short introductory talk, on THA, of just 18 minutes to the Campaign for an Independent Britain (CIB) in London. I was initially allocated 30 mins but was asked to cut it down at the last minute to allow for an afternoon tea break which was thought important to keep the audiance awake! It's not brilliant but I feel conveys the essence of our movement and I'm informed it did get a few people thinking!

As I mentioned a few weeks ago I recently recruited an Ambassador in Yorkshire who realises the importance of our six demands and how nothing will change, with regards the poor standard of our governance, until they are enacted.

If you would like to become an Ambassador for our cause please get in touch off the website and every assistance will be given to you to help you become confident in understanding and then explaining what our six demands are all about.



  1. Thank you Niall for a most excellent presentation and I hope you will consider my application to become an Ambassador as I do firmly believe in the six demands.

    I am spreading the word as fast as I can by publishing your presentation far and wide. I hope we can carry this project forward together, in spite of my recent email noting some gaps to be filled!

  2. Oh, BTW, I think the presentation should be on the front page for full effect so people see it at once, otherwise it might remain buried in the blog.

  3. Thank you for your comments. I don't feel it was my best presentation ever but at the last minute I had to cut it down by about five minutes and it was already a fairly condensed package!! Still it gave the audience a flavour of our six demands and made the two important initial points as to why we are a Movement and not a party and why political reform of this magnitude takes time.