Wednesday, 10 April 2019

An American's take on Brexit

The extract below is taken from this blog post:-

"In addition to geography, there's democracy and the asymmetry of the neoliberal economic order. Not to put too fine a point on it, but democracy only works for the political and financial elites as long as the people vote as they're told.

Once democracy becomes a source of resistance to the Power Elites, then elections that go counter to ruling-elite wishes must be declared illegitimate or reversed. (Hence the Power Elite's furious battle to delegitimize Brexit and Trump's election. Little wonder that the infamously bogus Steele Dossier was concocted by MI6 operatives.)

In other words, democracy is only acceptable if the voters rubberstamp the ruling elites' centralized control of capital and power."


  1. Owen Jones has spoken about the "establishment" being a mechanism to manage democracy for capital and power when everyone has a vote. To protect capital and power.

    Pete North said recently on his blog that if the elites are saying voting only counts when it agrees with their desires, then they aren't legitimate.

  2. i'm afraid I'm not clear what your popint is.