Thursday 12 January 2023

Update for January 2023

 Since the unfortunate cancellation of our 10th anniversary meeting in November last year, for which I had been preparing, posting on here was put on hold.

However, I have actually not been inactive as I have been commenting most days, to a much wider audience, on Dr North's  blog Turbulent Times.,

Dr North, the main author of our pamphlet back in 2012, is clearly a strong supporter and advocate of our six demands and writes daily on the main events of the day to which I regularily contribute, particularily on matters pertaining to the state of our governance and the need for reform.

I try and point out when ever I can that we need a government of the people, for the people and by the people” thus turning our politicians into our servants instead of our masters.

are living in an age of decadence as described by Sir John Glubb in his essay ‘The Fate of Empires’ and will continue in our decline until the people wake up and demand change. Currently the 'People' are still too comfortable and too busy trying to survive to think about reform of our governance let alone to start campaigning.

In time things will change as our politicians do not serve the desires and wishes of the ma
jority as they are too out of touch and detached from reality and avoid at all costs confrontation with the MSM, the Green Movement, Human Right Lawyers, H&S issues and all other active minority pressure groups. 

I would just point out there is a wealth of information on this blog to read and you can always contact me off the top bar of this blog.

Finally, if you want to enter the debate I hope you will consider reading TT every day and joining in on the comment section.