Monday 17 June 2019

Knife Crime.

In all the media coverage and political comments on this growing issue the question is always "What can the government do about it" and the debate then centres on such things as more money and on an increase in police numbers.

My belief is that if you asked the 'People' what they think should be done about it they would start by saying that we need a 'colour blind' policing policy of Zero Tolerance and a very strict attitude towards the parents and their responsibilities towards their children and society as a whole in preventing the gang member culture.

That our political elite are out of touch with real people is a given and it is long overdue that they responded to the views and demands of the 'People' and act on them.

Many aspects of our current Welfare State cause a reliance on the State to do something as problems occur whereas the solutions so often lie within society and the family and all that is needed is for our politicians and government to show some guts and challenge head on those who promote the 'State knows best' dependency cuture.

THA gives the 'People' the power to demand our politicians take full account of thier concerns, views and solutions.