Saturday 11 June 2022

Why we need a People's democracy.

 A point I feel worth making over and over again, given the general decline of our country and competence of our governance, is that we have clearly entered the 'Age of Decadence' as described by Sir John 'Pasha' Glubb in his essay 'The Fate of Empires'.

The reality I fear, as we never learn from history, is that nations once in decline are unable to arrest the fall until they hit rock bottom when they can start the slow process of rebuilding.

One of the prominent recurring features during the 'A of D' is the complete incompetence of those in power which is why I've been promoting our six demands with its central aim of making our politicians our servants instead of our masters.

For those who think the 'People' cannot be trusted with extra powers over their politicians and only they should make decisions I would point out three things.

First, if a jury made up of men and women is considered good enough to pass judgement on the guilt or innocence of a person on trial then they possess the necessary common sense and ability to pass judgement on the competence of their politicians, which we can currently only do at elections, and it is a big mistake to judge people on those selected for vox pops.

Second, it is clear that elected politicians so often pass into law poorly drafted and debated legislation influenced by small pressure groups which do not reflect the wishes of the public at large.

Third, while minority views should be supported and protected it is the views of the majority that should prevail in any country calling itself a democracy.

So finally it is now my strong conviction that the more sortition we introduce into our system of governance the better governed we will be.

THA's reason for being is to create a 'People's Democracy' and check out our new website.