Wednesday, 24 March 2021

The Police, Crime, Sentencing and Court Bill 2021.

 I’m a firm believer that existing laws usually simply need enforcing rather than constantly being amended.

So, I’m far from convinced that the government’s current PCSCB is necessary and falls far more under the heading of ‘we must be seen to be doing something’ than anything that is actually needed.

The Home Secretary is keen to say that she has/is consulting the police but what does that really mean because I sense she is just uttering words and platitudes she thinks appropriate – politicians take us for fools a lot of the time and we seem to let them!

On key ‘Law and Order Issues’, like we are currently encountering, any sensible government (when did we last have one?) should not only consult the police but also with other political parties AND importantly the people they serve. The evidence is that governments become isolate from the people and certainly do NOT have the prerogative of knowledge and wisdom and would greatly benefit from the ‘peoples’ input.

One of the key facets of our agenda is that it would allow the people, via referenda, to make recommendations for legislation and also object to any proposed legislation passing through Westminster.

‘We must be seen to be doing something’ legislation is nearly always bad and as each day now passes the need for our six demands become ever more necessary so that the people have real power over their elected officials to ensure they are no longer ignored.

Wake up people you have more power than you realise to improve the way we are governed and your own lot through a programme of mass peaceful non-cooperation following the principles of Gene Sharp.

If anyone wants to be a' torch bearer' for our reforms get in touch using the 'Contact' button off the website.



  1. The PCSCB is a step in the wrong direction as it appears to give even more power to individual ministers to decide what to prosecute without the niceties of Parliament deciding whether a new law is acceptable or not. That is a dictatorship.

    The principles of Gene Sharp are interesting but the examples that I have read so far relate to communities that knew that they had lost any sort of power over their oppressive governments. Sadly, the people of England have yet to realise that fact as for the majority, the shops are full and Netflix works. Indifference will die all of a sudden but until then, few are interested. Sadly, apathy rules.

    1. You are right apathy rules for now but I do sense change could be in the air - we must certainly hope so.

  2. I haven't tried it, but apparently water explodes if superheated in a microwave oven. It is one way of getting burned. The reason is lack of a nidus for bubbles to form. Analogously, a non-violent revolution would have to have a focus to start. Probably such a focus would become a tyranny in turn.

    1. When the time is right the focus for a peaceful mass protest of non-cooperation will be our six demands.

      I don't get your tyranny point as I nearly didn't understand what on earth you were on about until I read your comment a few times!!

    2. Sadly, reading a little about Gene Sharp and non-violent protest, where the protests were successful in overthrowing a tyrannical regime, and that was the sole aim, it didn't take long for unwanted seekers of power to grab hold of the reigns of power.

      There needs to be some sort of government in waiting. To bring that about takes a lot of preparation and forethought.

    3. I think you are seeing a problem where one doesn't exist!

      Our priority is our agenda and mass peaceful protest is simply a strategy to get our policians to focus on our six demands.

      The reforms, as and when they happen, will take time and once started will be a gradual process of non stop reform.

      The people must not let up on, peaceful non-cooperation, until our politicians firstly reform themselves and then implement our demands.