Wednesday, 31 March 2021

The issues surrounding Black Lives Matter (BLM)

The first solidarity protests, in support of BLM, occurred in London on the 28th May last year and although that was nearly a year ago the issues surrounding BLM are far from over. This is especially true with the start of the trial of Derek Chauvin, the policeman, who is being tried for the murder of George Floyd.

I’m not going to comment on the case as I’ll leave it to the jury to reach its verdict once they have heard all the evidence. However, suffice to say, from what I know, I believe there is a lot to come out in the trial that does NOT make it an open-and-shut case.

Anyway, prompted by the rise of the BLM movement I thought I should review the whole subject and to that end I recently read both books by Taleeb Starkes. His first, published in 2013 is titled “The Uncivil War – Blacks vs Niggers” with the subtitle “Confronting the subculture within the African-American Community.” The second, published in 2016 is titled “Black Lives Lies Matter” with the subtitle “Why lies matter to the Race Grievance Industry.”

Taleeb was raised in Philadelphia and spent two decades mentoring at risk, inner city, youth. He is now of course an established author and currently hosts a free speech-based podcast called Taleeb Starkes ‘Safe Space.’

I highly recommend both books and believe that until anyone has read them, who wants to comment on BLM matters and this post in particular, they will never have the breadth of knowledge to be able to contribute to the debate. People need to understand that there are so many, quite frankly, shocking and disturbing aspects to the subculture within some of the African-American communities and without that knowledge their opinions are virtually worthless. What is also pretty clear is that while the situation in parts of the black community is far worse in America, we are facing similar problems in the UK.

There are numerous statistics out there, to show the extent of the problem. Let’s just consider one which is that over 50% of the gun crimes in London were committed by blacks and yet they only make up around 13% of the population of the city. Anyone who tries to down play this statistic is probably related to an ostrich or woke or both.

Taleeb describes the most violent blacks as ‘Urban Terrorists’ and he gives endless examples, with supporting newspaper headlines, of the atrocities they commit on a regular basis like the shooting of the two-year-old Kamiya French who the ‘Urban Terrorist’ shot at point blank range while she was sitting on the porch next to her dad. The ‘Urban Terrorist’ told police it was in retaliation and he wanted Kamiya’s dad to watch her die. This example I can assure you is one of many.

So, what has this all got to do with THA – well the answer is that our government faces similar problems in our inner cities and yet from what one can see it is not treating the situation as seriously as it should and appears too scared and reluctant to call out the issue for what it predominately is – which is black on black violence and black crime. If you need another example of our government’s inability to face up to this type of issue, you only have to consider the exploitation and serial rapes of the girls in towns like Rotherham, by mainly Muslim gangs, to know that our politicians are completely gutless in the face of serious crimes perpetrated within and by some ethnic communities. The excuse given by officialdom is that they do not want to stir up racial hatred but I feel pretty sure that the majority of law-abiding citizens take a different view but are, of course, completely ignored.

Our six demands help address these situations because they give the people, of all colours and creeds, back their inherent sovereignty, that is power, and therefore the ability to hold our politicians to account between elections.

The law-abiding majority are constantly ignored and they really need to wake up and support our agenda for the long term good of the country.

The time for action is now!



  1. What action?
    There is much in the agenda that is good, but an action plan or implementation strategy seem to be missing or am I missing something?

    (I know that I must sound like a worn out record - sorry.)

  2. Fair question but I was using hyperbole and the only action I would like to see is from people, like you, who support the cause and I assume talk it up with friends and colleagues! At some point we will need committed individuals to become 'Ambassadors' and local coordinators.

  3. While I do discuss with friends and have passed out a few booklets, the idea that THA will slowly become important to people through 'Ambassadors' etc seems flawed to me.

    When things fall apart, that will happen very fast, IMO and there needs to be some strategy for implementation, but that's just my view.

    I do agree that "The time for action is now!". My initial action is to refuse to vote for anyone standing under the totally discredited Lib/Lab/Con banners, in the May election, and I will spread that word. If enough did that, that might act as a bit of a shock to the current complacent attitude of political leaders.

  4. I've just had a long chat with my 95 year old mother who is rather depressed at the state of this country and what it will become for her two children, five grandchildren and nine great grandchildren.

    I explained, as so well written up by Pasha Glubb, that as a nation we are well into the age of 'Decadence' that history proves follows the ages of 'Pioneers,Conquests,Commerce,Affluence and Intellect'.

    As we never seem to learn from history there is ever likelihood that our decline will continue which is virtually guaranteed if the people don't wake up and demand change.

    The key point, as I now see it, is that it is no good looking for quick short term solutions as they will NOT get us back on the rise again as a nation. IMO the single most important factor, to reversing our decline, is better leadership as our current politcal class simply do not have the wherewithal, including guts,determination and moral stamina,to put things right. All our current politicians do is try and avoid conflict and pander to minorities.

    Our reforms exist and if they can be kept alive then they may one day see the light of day.This will take time as I'll be explaining next week!

    Our future is in the hands of the people - if they continue to sit on them then our continued decline is pretty much guaranteed.

    1. Yes, we are in the age of decadence. But as long as there is food in the shops, fuel at the pumps and the likes of Netflix (Bread and Circuses) people will sit on their hands and we will continue down the slippery slope.

      Government draconian covid legislation has given them a bit of a shake, but is it enough? If not, IMO, a financial earthquake is coming - that'll do it but it might be too late. An increasingly unpopular view, I know, but a God rejecting country deserves no less.

    2. As the old saying goes "It is never to late to do the right thing".