Wednesday, 17 July 2019

We have to penetrate their bubble.

 When I first read 'Blunders of Governments' by Crewe and King (a must read IMO) it helped me understand why our politicians are often so incapable of successfully completing projects aimed at solving the problems we face.

It helped explain the many reasons why our politicians are incompetent  and in particular how they are inflicted by large doses of 'Group Think' and the stupefying impact of living in the Westminster bubble.

So when Corbyn says he nor his party are racist he isn't lying it is just that he is totally unable to see things objectively for the reasons mentioned above.

The plain facts are that most if not all our politicians are increasingly isolated and out of touch with the real world as, even at their surgeries, they largely only get to see the minority that have problems which helps explain their often warped priorities which ignore the majorities wishes.

A further point about Labour's current troubles is, as stated by ex-Labour Peer Lord Triesman of 50 years standing, that under Corbyn's leadership the party is beyond reform.

One could also argue that under our current political class Westminster is beyond reform but if we accepted that then nothing is going to change.

So if we accept that Westminster is in urgent in need of reform then our task is to get involved in the long slow haul to penetrate their bubble and make it crystal clear that unless and until they accept the principle of our six demands they will no longer get our support.

It would be helpful if our media could promote our cause but we cannot expect any help from them and they will only follow once our politicians have 'got it'.

Fortunately there are far more of us than them but it is up to us to take the fight to them.                                                                                       


  1. The bubble, is impenetrable.
    I've written to my MP about the UK's perilous situation re electricity generation, should we keep removing reliable sources of generation & add more unreliable ones.
    Pointing out when we've needed every single GW of coal power we've still got & asking how this baseload will be replaced.
    Boilerplate reply about "Capacity auctions" & the government's intentions to keep the lights on.
    Further responses on the lines of "How"?, are met with "I'll ask the Secretary of State, if you like". I did like & have heard nothing further.

  2. We, the people, will keep being ignored until we have the real power to hold our politicians and government to account.