Monday, 1 July 2019

Recall of MPs.

I'll be honest this new law, passed in 2015, had rather passed me by until the Labour MP Fiona Onasanya was recalled and lost her seat in Peterborough in May.

Before that Ian Paisley, from North Antrim, was suspended for 30 days under the same law and now Chris Davies, of Brecon and Radnorshire, faces a by-election on 1st August for fiddling his expenses.

The details of the law are explained here -

Our second demand for Real Local Democracy could see individual counties setting up procedures for recalling their MPs which, unlike the existing law, need not only apply when MPs have broken the law.

Real Local Democracy should allow constituents the right to recall their MPs for any reasons, including general incompetence, so long as sufficient signatures are obtained.

If we go on accepting the political status quo then we only have ourselves to blame for the mess our politicians get us in. 

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  1. I certainly don't accept our system as it is. I actually tried to start a petition to extend recall to any reason as long as an appropriate amount of signatures are obtained. Someone had beaten me to it and that hardly had any support. It appears our politcal class still haven't found the limits of what the people are prepared to stomach yet.