Wednesday, 4 April 2018

The people and their government.

At the moment the relationship we actually have is the ‘government and its people’ – this needs to be reversed as the title to this post suggests.

However, the people do not want to actually govern, which should be in the main a fairly mundane and boring occupation, not that our current shallow celebrity minded politicians like to think so, but they do want to have their say, particularly on the major issues, when they feel the government of the day is about to embark on a course of action that is not in tune with majority opinion.

Consider the tally of major political issues to which the people almost certainly would have had a different opinion from the government.

1.       Thatcher’s - Poll tax.
2.       Major’s – Signing of the Maastricht Treaty.  
3.       Blair’s -  Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
4.       Brown’s – Selling off our gold reserves.
5.       Cameron’s – Intervention in Libya. 

It is for most people probably still too early to tell if our current Prime Minister, and her government, are going to deliver a satisfactory Brexit but for my money the Brexit shambles that is brewing will go down in history as the blunder of all blunders and I sense the people would have shown more sense than currently on display from the preening and clueless ministers involved. In Westminster politicians of all colours are putting party considerations above what is best for our country.

THA’s fundamental principle is that the people must be given the right to say, to the government, at any stage in the legislative process STOP and rethink what you are doing because we believe you are getting it wrong.

One further associated point is that in THA’s second demand for ‘Real Local Democracy’ we propose the current situation, of central government financially dominating local government, be reversed with counties raising taxes and submitting a proportion to central government, to only fund the basics of Home & Foreign Affairs and Defence, with richer counties paying in more than poorer ones. This reversal makes our local councillors far more relevant to our daily and allows our MPs to concentrate on matters concerning our national interests allowing them to make better informed decisions without being bogged down with local issues as they currently are.

We demand that our governments, whether local or central, are far more responsive to our views and become our servants instead of our masters.  

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