Tuesday, 10 April 2018

A new centrist party.

Just a quick word on the news that Simon Franks, who made his money in DVD rentals, has put up £50 million to form a new centrist party.

I believe very strongly that the idea, if implemented, will never take off or make much of a difference for the main reason that any new party, however configured, still has to operate in the same Westminster system that is well past its sell by date. 

The Indpendent had a good headline today much of which I agree with :-

I have a suggested name for the new centrist party – The Entitlement Party In Democracy (TEPID)

"For Blair, Miliband, and any other members of the band tempted by a heritage tour comeback, this is less about the burning desire to rescue their country from extremism than laying the ghost of their traumatised disbelief that Corbyn and his principles are so much more popular than them and whatever they affect to believe."

'Entitlement' says it all with the likes of  those 'Third Way' supporters who have no real ideas of how to address the problems of this country or, even if the did, the resolve and guts to take head on the crippling PC agenda that is dragging us down is so many different ways. 

Now £50 million given to our movement really would get things rolling!

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