Wednesday, 10 January 2018

The majority’s opinion matters.

Over the five years of being involved with THA the comment is often made that leaving decisions to the 'masses' would be the height of folly as it would lead to ‘mob rule’. This is not a new view as Plato detested democracy - to him it was the rule of doxa over philosophia, of opinion over knowledge.

Democracy however is clearly made up of the two parts demos meaning people and kratos power and giving real power to the people is the only form of true democracy. Nobody should be fooled that our Representative Democracy is real democracy.

THA's fourth demand 'The people's consent', which includes various checks and balances to ensure ‘mob rule’ is avoided at all cost, sets out how the people's views can be heard, through referenda, and those that oppose this concept are not real democrats and seem far more concerned that their own views will not survive against those of the people.

Personally, I have more faith in the views and the basic good common sense of the majority of the people than I do in the patronising and hypocritical views of our liberal elite, who are actually very illiberal, and also the views of the militant left, who have both held sway over the majority for far too long. It is time the dog learnt to wag his own tail again rather than the other way around!

Of course, minorities and their views need to be safeguarded but the balance needs to be restored in favour of the majority who for too long have had to swallow the agenda of minority groups.

In 1971 John Lennon sang the song 'Power to the people' and after nearly 50 years it is time that their voice is heard and taken account of with the introduction of the mechanisms, as outlined in Demand four, which will ensure that their views can not be ignored.

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