Wednesday, 17 January 2018

More government is never the answer.

It is very appropriate that I posted my 'Thought for the day' on Monday, about how governments always making problems worse, with regards the news today that Mrs May's incompetent government has appointed Tracey Crouch to the new post of Minister for the lonely.

This is nothing more than window dressing, something all governments too often do, to look as if they are doing something.

For heaven sake when will our politicians realise that the solution to a problem is not more bureaucracy, especially at the central government level.

If there really are 9 million lonely adults, as reported on the front page of the Daily Mail, the last thing they need is anybody in Whitehall trying to solve their loneliness.

What is needed is for the government to support local experts like The Salvation Army.

Our second demand, that sets out to establish 'Real Local Democracy', is where efforts should be concentrated in helping the lonely and not by enlarging central government. THA believes that many of the functions of central government would be better handled at the local level thus closer to the people. 

Central government currently has around two dozen departments which, with more being done at the local level, could and should be reduced to around half a dozen centred on the four main departments of state namely The Treasury, Home Affairs, Defence and Foreign Affairs.

So with regards the lonely the solution lies with more support for existing experts and initiatives at the local level and not another government department which will only make matter worse. 

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