Friday 15 July 2022

Meeting in London on the 5th November.

 We are holding a meeting at the Victory Club in London on Saturday 5th November which is appropriately Bonfire Night!

Here are the details copied form Dr Richard North’s blog post on Turbulent Times yesterday.

If you are interested in attending please get in touch.

In the meantime preparing and administrating for this meeting will be my main focus for the rest of this year so for updates on the meeting please read Turbulent Times every day. 

Something I have always found is that the topic covered by Dr North each day is really all you need to keep abreast of the political horror show in Westminster and beyond!  


  1. Niall, I have a general question about THA. What is your strategy for advancing its demands? It seems to have been in place for 10 years but I would hazard a guess that the vast majority of the general public have never heard of it. What is the plan to address that?

  2. It's a very good question which I cannot do justice to in this reply but simply a good idea will never die but serious political reform has ALWAYS taken time and needs the 'People's' support.

    In the past major political reform happened during serious times of economic hardship where as now nobody in the West is starving and one is considered 'poor' because you don't have super fast boardband or the latest mobile phone.

    So in short the future is in the People's hands but if they sit on them then all we can do is keep THA flame alive for the day its moment comes as I believe it must.

  3. You need to be constantly writing letters to the press Niall. A shame GB News doesn't have a newspaper.

  4. I have e-mailed GB News a dozen times without success - us little people are sadly, as yet, of little consequence to the media even GB news 😣!

  5. Richard says the political class must be given the room to govern while he discusses referenda and the possibility of citizen lead plebiscites. Given the mess they have made of just about every aspect of this country and the fact a change of government will not improve matters, I think they should be given as little room as possible.

  6. You have a point as turning our politicians into our servants and not our masters will be a gradual process with us giving them less room in the early stages until they accept their new position.

    1. My point was more to do with the argument made against plebiscites that we elect "experts" or clever people to deeply consider law and policy for its intended and unintended consequences. The complete failure the gifted people we elect have made of just about every single aspect of this nations government actually supports plebiscite. The people certainly couldn't do worse.

    2. I agree the voice of an electorate of around 40 million beats the views of 650 MPs IMO.