Wednesday, 27 October 2021

Hold a referendum on whether to keep the 2050 net zero target

This official petition to the government, which will remain up until April next year, gives THA a real chance to make its mark.

Please sign it and to ensure this petition makes an impact on the government it is essential that you pass it on by e-mailing all your contacts and asking them to do the same.

At 10,000 votes we get a response vfrom the government and at 100,000 we might get a debate and vote in parliament.

Without our six demands in place these government petitions are all we have so we must use this one to the full and hope it makes it's mark. 

Be in no doubt if all the people in this country, who are sceptical about the current Climate Change agenda, were to support this petiton the government would have to take notice.

So please sign it, talk it up and pass it on.



  1. 937 signatures as at 0935 28th Oct. It's getting there.

  2. If this petition can be spread far and wide then the snowball effect should take place and we would definately reach the 100,000 target.

    It now down to the people to use this opportunity and with COP26 the time is right.

  3. 5,200 in less than a week which is encouraging. However we do need to get the message out that the petition is up. I only found out by chance. I have been commenting in online papers to help spread the message but think it would help to go on talk radio and see if Nigel Farage and Reform UK will also take up the cause.

    1. I can asssure you I'm e-mailing GB News and others and hoping for a break through!

  4. Just hit 10,000 in over one week and number of signatures is accelerating. It frequently rates as one if the top three petitions. On track for over 100,000!
    We need to start thinking of what steps to take when it gets there. eg. writing to local MP's/getting press coverage to ensure it gets taken seriously.

  5. As we build the petition is likely to develop a life of its own albeit we will want to try and keep in the driving seat to push the lack of democracy issue with the Net Zero policy.

    15,099 as at 14.55 on the 6th November.