Tuesday, 3 August 2021

How to make the public’s opinion count.

The current media coverage of Tory sleaze makes one realise that once again the voting public’s views are not part of the story. In fact, as I’ve said many time before, the only time we get to pass judgement on a government is at General and Bye Elections with General Elections still currently subject to the Fixed Term Parliament Act. 

This basically gives the government of the day a free ride for 5 years with then every effort taken, just before the election, to ‘soft soap’ the electorate to give them another term in office.

Not only do the public not get a chance to pass regular judgements on the performance of governments or MPs but parliament, especially if the government has a large majority, fails to hold the executive to account which of course sits within parliament with government MP’s nearly always placing party loyalty over any principles they may have had simply to ensure they retain power. This is not real democracy.

Even the Maastricht ‘Bastards’ fell into line when it was made into a Vote of Confidence that is all apart from Rupert Allason who, rare amongst MPs, stuck to his principles.  

The people would largely be able to comment and pass judgement on all these issues currently being reported in the media if our agenda was in place.

First, restoring the People’s Inherent Sovereignty over parliament would place them in the driving seat and would enable them to dictate to the government and parliament their opinions and demands.

Second, more Localisation would reduce the number of MPs in Westminster and free them up to concentrate on matters of national importance thus reducing much of the biff bam party politics we have at the moment.

Third and most importantly in the current political climate we are in, a Separation Power with an elected PM and his or her cabinet sitting outside parliament would more readily enable all MPs to monitor and check the executive.

Fourth, The People’s Consent sets up the mechanisms in three specific areas, when the right conditions are met, for the people to demand a referendum so that they can have their say.

Fifth, the Consent to the Annual Budget by the people is simply the logical sequence to a sovereign people having a proper say over how their tax revenues are spent.

Sixth, a Written Constitution would be directed at governments and state agencies to define the extent of their powers and the manner in which they shall be exercised.

So there in a nutshell you have the ways in which our six demands would enable the electorate to be directly part of the political process and with the ability to demand transparency and that those guilty of any offences faced the consequences.

That is what real democracy looks like.



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