Thursday, 6 May 2021

Who are the ‘Bed Blockers’ to political reform?

The answer is the liberal elite, who have infected and now dominate our politics, civil service, police, military, show business and the rest of the ‘Establishment’. They have held sway for some time and are assisted and supported by the likes of the corrupt and bias BBC and other media sources. The common denominator they all share is the belief in the virtues of ‘Liberalism’.

Let me be very clear, before I go any further, that I accept some liberal initiatives have been good for society but the consequences of far too many have been damaging and the irony is that in continuing to support and promote a liberal agenda these elites are increasingly Liberal In Name Only (LINO).

The word ‘liberal’ comes from the Latin word ‘liber’ meaning free. Freedom lies at the heart of liberalism: freedom to do as you want based on the belief, now proven false, that we are born good and corrupted by society hence the increasingly soft nature of our justice and penal system due to the belief that criminals are corrupted by society.

Another key aspect which LINOs push is to be free of the past and our traditions which can stand in the way of their relentless drive for ‘progress’. This is now self-evident in the campaigns against historic figures and their statues.

The trouble is LINOs extend freedom to their own advantage but their general ‘free for all’ seriously disadvantages the rest of us and especially the poor. LINOs seldom if ever have to face the consequences of their liberal policies.  

These LINOs are also the type who support the principles of Epistocracy over Democracy and are totally against allowing the people to have any more say in the way they are governed. Brexit of course was a total shock to LINOs, as they had expected to win, so I would think they would now be more determined than ever to ignore any political reform, that curbed their influence and power, by giving greater power to the people by a recognition of their inherent sovereignty.

Another strange but revealing aspect of LINOs, over the years and especially in the past, is their reluctance to condemn communism, which has been responsible for over 100 million deaths, yet always turn their fire on Hitler’s Fascism and are all too ready to label anyone that disagrees with their liberal point of view as Right-Wing Fascists. Again, the irony is that while most if not all LINOs would be opposed to capital punishment, they generally have not condemned the endless purges and executions in the USSR. Likewise, they were critical and publicised the Bengal famine in India that killed 3 million while ignoring or concealing a similar number of deaths due to a famine, 10 years earlier, in Ukraine. 

So, these brief examples typify the thinking of LINOs who hold so much influence and power over us and are not readily going to give up either. If you want to find out more as to how and why Liberalism has impacted on our lives, I highly recommend the book by John Marsh called ‘The Liberal Delusion’.

In conclusion there is only one solution to this predicament which is to go over the heads of the LINOs and appeal directly to the people even though we have to accept that currently they are understandably preoccupied with keeping their jobs and their families safe.

The people, when given a chance, spoke over Brexit and they will do so again and when they do the damaging impact of LINO’s liberal convictions and philosophy will be challenged.

As I’ve said before the future is in the people’s hands.  






  1. "..currently they are understandably preoccupied with keeping their jobs and their families safe."

    I was expecting a backlash against the revelations about the man who occupies the post of PM, during the local elections, but people seem mesmerised by the vaccine programme "success". I think that bodes poorly for any early reaction to ".. the damaging impact of LINO’s liberal convictions .."

    As an aside, it is such a shame that local elections are dominated by lib/lab/con labels when they should be dominated by local issues instead. They have become just a comment on Her Maj's Government and her Opposition. Local politics is almost dead. We are a very long way from demand 2. Real local democracy.

    BTW, thanks for the John Marsh book recommendation. I ordered it after your previous recommendation even though it is a few years old now.

  2. At general elections there are hustings of some sort. I don't remember any hustings for local elections.

    1. Can't remember the last local husting in my area, although we did have a "Brexit Husting" a few years before the vote. All candidates showed an embarassing lack of knowledge of the workings of the EU, IMO.
      Your comment had me looking at:
      This could not have been held under our current dictatorship rules.