Saturday, 9 January 2021

The hurdles to political reform.

 Any sane person, from whatever political persuasion, should support reform of our governance to improve our democracy. 

However the reality is that amongst our politicians and the politically active there is nearly always a reluctance to get behind new ideas as they have not originated from their own 'stable' or they see them as a threat. Also any ideas they do have, for reform to the status quo, are usually limited in scope and ambition.

Therefore politicians from the Left, Right or Centre, our media or business leaders are the very last people who will get behind, support and promote THA's six demands.

For our agenda to 'catch on' it has to first evolve and grow amongst the people at the grassroots. When this happens, and critical mass is finally achieved, it will be impossible for the Establishment to ignore the pressure on them to change.

The reality however is that there are two major hurdles to overcome before the grassroots will devote the time and energy to demand the changes we advocate.

The first hurdle, involves the daily conditions they face deteriorating to a point that they can no longer ignore the obvious conclusion that the faults lie squarely at the door of Westminster.

The second hurdle, is to get our ideas before the people in a manner they understand and explain the peaceful actions that we can all take to exert real pressure on our politicians to accept our reforms.

In conclusion, the time could well be approaching where the public start to wake up to the total inadequate nature of our governance as they suffer real hardship from the government's attempts at handling the Covid-19 virus and the inadequate nature of the Trade Cooperation Agreement agreed with the EU on December 24th last year.  

Our politicans have been having a free ride for far too long and the time is fast approaching for the people to demand changes that give them real power to control the Establishment who should only work for the people's benefit rather than their own self interests as they feather their own nests.  


  1. Time to define who the grasroots are and of whom they would make demands. I can see people following leaders or organisations with an idea, but I can't see people following a disembodied idea.

  2. The electorate are the grassroots.

    The electorate need to put pressure on all politicians of all colours.

    THA has key individuals and when the 'people' are receptive THA will not be disembodied as the movement grows.