Friday, 30 October 2020

Our Criminal Justice System - continued.

 Over the last week I have finished the Secret Barrister's second book 'Fake Law' and again had my eyes opened to the problems our Justice system (JS) faces which is of course always  a concern to the man and woman in the street.

The key thing I've learnt is that while judge's decisions are often criticised, by the tabloid press, hotly followed by ignorant 'dog whistle' politicians and then the public at large, it should be understood that judges work within the laws of the land as passed by parliament. 

So for example when there is a hue and cry over say a judge's lenient sentence politicians should look in the mirror as sentencing law is set down by an act of parliament. This is not to say that politicians haven't sought to change the laws concerning our JS but the book sets out very clearly how their interventions usually make matters worse.

I always thought David Lammy would be hard to beat for 'dog whistle' politics and jumping on every available passing bandwagon but Chris Grayling is in the same league, if not worse, and every one of his measures to 'reform' our JS, when he was Minster of Justice, has made matters worse. 

So how does this relate to our Agenda?

As I pointed out last week, the third part of our fourth demand 'The People's Consent' allows for the public to challenge and possibly reject decisions made by government, or official bodies whether elected or appointed including ministers and judges.

So in conclusion disatisfaction against 'lenient' judges would be better directed by the tabloids and public towards our 'lenient' politicians who lack the courage to out argue the vocal public minority who would brand them 'uncaring' if they were to pass tougher laws and take the necessary actions to greatly reform our complete JS including reforming of our prison service.

If the people want to see the changes they desire in our JS and more besides then the future is in their hands but is they don't work together to ensure their voice is heard then nothing will change.    



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