Wednesday, 8 April 2020

Covid -19 and our Six Demands.

Our six demands come as a complete package and all with the aim of reforming our system of governance and our democracy.

So what is the relevance of our demands with regards the current crisis surrounding Covid-19?

Demand One - Restores inherent 'Sovereignty to the People' which importantly turns our politicians into our servants instead of our masters. 

Demand Two -Seeks 'Real Local Democracy' which means less centralisation and returning real power to local authorities. In this crisis that would have seen EHOs, with local knowledge, tackling their own areas rather than relying on Whitehall.

Demand Three - Sees an 'Elected PM and a Separation of Powers' which would allow the cabinet to be made up people outside parliament thus allowing our government to break out of the Westminster bubble.

Demand Four - 'The People's Consent' would allow us a direct say in the governments actions if we so desired.

Demand Five - 'No Taxation or Spending without Consent' only allows the government to spend our money with our permission.

Demand Six - 'A Written Constitution' confirming all the above changes is essential and of course importantly setting out that it is the 'People' and not parliament that are the sovereign power in this country.

Quite simply the democracy we currently have in this country is not real democracy and it is only when our six demands are enacted will this be changed.  

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