Friday, 15 March 2019

The arrogance of our politcal class.

Every day there are examples, especially with the chaos over Brexit, of how out of touch,arrogant, incompetent and untouchable our politicians are.

Yesterday provided a CLASSIC example when Lord David Steel admitted that he knew about the crimes of Cyril Smith but did nothing and then added that, under similar circumstances, he would do exactly the same again.

Only our six demands can give us the power to hold such contemptible politicans to account.


  1. It's "contemptible" - you may wish to edit.

    A more pertinent error is the glaring gap in your argument here. How would any of the 6 demands of the Harrogate Agenda have had any effect on the actions of Cyril Smith and those who let him get away with it. Chances are, the increased localisation of power inherent in THA would give people like Smith (a local mayor who became an MP but was never appointed to any ministerial position) more power and influence, not less

  2. Locally the people could set up procedures to recall politicians to stand again for office. THA gives the people to do such things.

    Spelling mistook corrected - thanks!

  3. Hi,
    the gross nature of the irresponsible David Steel was that he failed to report Cyril Smith's sordid crimes, if for no other reason than to prevent further abuse!
    No wonder he was elevated to the House of Lords to sit with all the other self serving anti democratic buffoons, rather more than dotted around amongst the few who acquit their duty!
    Steel's justification was that it didn't occur to him that Smith might ever do it again!
    Clearly Steel despite being a front line legislator & leader of a party in the House of Commons knew absolutely nothing about the compulsive nature of paedophiles - as a leader I recal he knew little of antything save feathering his own nest!
    Greg_ L-W
    Greg Lance_Watkins

    1. Just for starter THA would wish to see a second chamber, or Senate, of just 100.