Wednesday, 16 January 2019

The incompetence at the heart of Westminster.

The recent shenanigans in Westminster, over May's deal and the vote of no confidence, proves to me just how incompetent our MPs are and how dysfunctional Westminster currently is.

I believe there are now increasing numbers who see our politicians as they really are and resent the fact they always put party politics over the needs of the country. Another problem is their reliance on information form insiders which just compounds their ignorance.

What they desperately need is the oxygen of  new views from outside their bubble and of course the views of the majority of the electorate as and when appropriate. Brexit has proved how out of touch our political class are with regards the views of the public.

Another failing of our politicians is that they are scared to face down minority pressure groups for fear of being branded 'uncaring' and I cannot remember the last time a politician said that in life it is often important to be hard to be kind. What is clear is that the 'People' are taken advantage of and their views generally ignored.

The above explains the whole reason for our Agenda which at its heart aims to give the 'People' the real power to affect change if the majority demand it and of course for this to happen we must first be recognised as sovereign instead of Parliament where it currently resides.

In conclusion, while the views of minorities must be considered and where appropriate be advanced and protected by governments the overall will of the majority must be seriously taken into account and in terms of supporting or rejecting the actual government's legislation then the will of the majority should prevail.

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