Thursday, 19 July 2018

Dirert Democracy Liechtenstein style.

I was just driving back for my local shop listen to the World at One on Radio Four and Blair was featuring in I believe the final report on how we avoided joining the Euro. The reporter pointed out how Brown had introduced his five economic tests, for the Euro, thus in effect ruling out us joining. To this point Blair replied:-

" You know, why, unless one wanted to make some kinda political point, would you ever rule anything out?"

Well there you have the utterances of a truly expedient politician who has not one principle on which he would be prepared to stand.

The rot to our governance accelerated under Blair's governments and is now long overdue the reforms we propose in our six demands.

Switzerland is usually cited as the home of Direct Democracy but little old Liechtenstein, small as it is, practices it in bucket loads.

Copy this link and listen to the current Prince of Liechtenstein, Hans-Adam II, being interviewed about how DD in his country works:-

The interview lasts around 30 minutes which I found very interesting with the main lesson I learnt being that one does not have real democracy until the views of ordinary people really do matter.

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