Tuesday, 13 March 2018

BBC Institutional bias.

For many years I monitored, recorded and complained to the BBC about their bias particularly in the areas of their sympathies with the left of centre in politics, their support for the EU and their obvious acceptance and promotion of Global Warming or now more commonly called Climate Change.

In January 2009 I started a blog called BBCINSTITUTIONALBIAS and a summary of my stance can be read in ‘My Last Post’ I wrote in March last year. The link to this is here:-

As you will read I decided my stance had run its course and it was time to concentrate my time and efforts on THA.  As I commented it was for others to pick up the gauntlet, over the BBC’s undoubted bias, with my blog still available as a historical record and reference for those continuing the fight.

The BBC still continues its bias reporting a pace, having been fairly neutral during the referendum campaign, they now are clearly back into wearing their Europhile clothes and lapping up the whole diversity and sexual harassment issues, which they totally overplay.  As a result the issue of the BBC licence fee occasionally raises its head with the debate as to whether it is still justified in this era of Netflix, multichannel and  online TV.

Personally I long for the chance to have my voice heard by this or any government as to whether the TV licence should continue and for my money it shouldn’t.

Our Agenda, contained in our six demands, sets out the mechanisms for the people to give their opinion on such matters. For what is pretty clear is that this or any government simply doesn’t have the ‘bottle’ to cut the bias, bloated, bureaucratic BBC down to size.   

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