Wednesday, 28 February 2018


While the mass movement of the Chartists, between 1838-1858, gave us some inspiration for the formation of THA it was the more recent work on 'Referism' by Dr Richard North that really helped lay the foundations and principles on which our six demands are constructed.

The link below starts by explaining :-

Referism is a political philosophy which states that, in the relationship between the British people and their governments, the people should be in control. The state is the servant not the master. Control is primarily achieved by submitting annual state budgets to the people for approval, via referendums. The catchphrase is: "it's our money and we decide". Governments are thereby forced to refer to the people for their funding, hence the term "referism".


At the end of the above post, written in May 2011, there are an additional 18 links to other related posts on the same subject.

14 months later, in July 2012, the inaugural meeting of what became The Harrogate Agenda took place at the Old Swan Hotel Harrogate.

I'm of the strong opinion that nothing much is going to change, politically in this country, until the 'people' make it happen. Exactly what the catalyst will be that wakes up the 'people' from their slumber is still an unknown but a botched Brexit, with damaging economic consequencies for the country as a whole, might well provide the spark? 

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