Monday, 25 February 2019

Being a nuisance.

I am taken by this quote, attributed to Dame Freya Stark, in connection with seeing our demands enacted:-

“One has to resign oneself to being a nuisance if one is to get anything done.”

There is no doubt in my mind that if enough people want to achieve the political reforms we are proposing, in our six demands, then they will happened especially if the ‘People’ become a nuisance! Fortunately the various and numerous levels of active peaceful protest have been well covered in Gene Sharp’s excellent little book ‘From dictatorship to democracy’ which I recommend you to read.

I also picked up on these two statistics this week which should have ramifications for our agenda and help it to progress. 68% of Britons feel there is currently no political party that represents them which is up from 61% from six months ago and less than 10% of people closely identify with any leading political figure.

Both statistics support last week’s post and prove how disconnected our politicians are from the people they serve.

However the main point about these statistics is that when the ‘People’ are recognised as sovereign the importance of political parties will become less as at any given time the ‘People’ will have the ‘Power’ to hold the government and politicians to account. The impact of this would be that exposed directly to the people they serve the Westminster bubble would be permanently pricked with parties and politicians being more responsive to our basic needs and concerns thus preventing them indulging in in their own naval gazing illiberal elitists fantasies.

The need for our Agenda has never been so relevant to the situation we face with the collective incompetence at Westminster and all we have to do is to get organised and unite and tell our politicians what we want. There is of course one major hurdle to overcome and that is to get the word out there that “ There is a better way.”


  1. Time to kick ass and chew bubblegum, and I'm all outta gum (Duke Nukem) we need to be very noisy indeed, and tweet replies to the inanities on twitter from the likes of Boles, Chuka, and all the out of touch politico's tell them what twats they are politely and not so as Pete North does.

  2. Just a word of caution.

    For 'kicking arse' to be effective it must come from a mass movement as individuals 'kicking arse' on their own will easily be picked off by the authorities and all 'arse kicking' needs to be peaceful and follow the principles od Gene Sharp.