Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Political change is never instant.

Just because we have 'Instant' coffee doesn't mean that political reform will be instant.

Brexit is a case in point as anyone who thought that, after 45 years of trade integration, we could achieve a satisfactory exit in an instant was either ignorant of how international trade works or simply not thinking deeply enough about the situation.   

So as you know we increasingly live in an age of instant communications and results. We have super fast broadband, fast food, 24 hour news, E-mail, Instant Access to information with Google, instant travel (apart from those occasional dreaded airport delays), i-pads, i-phones and much more besides.

This leads many to believe that everything in their life should be instant, even our politics, and so it is that some involved in seeking political reform want to see instant results. However if history teaches us anything it is that one generation is seldom sufficient time to achieve major deep rooted political change to our governance and so it is most likely to be with the enactment of our six demands.

The good news is that much of the initial hard work has been done in that we exist and have been kept alive and ticking by a loyal band of supporters.

The other day we gained a new supporter who is generously paying a monthly S/O into our account and is keen to become an ambassador. I was particularily struck by one of his comments, when we spoke on the telephone, which is that he saw in the THA a solution so often missing from the 'pitch fork and sickle brigade'.

Anyone else interested in joining us please get in touch off the contact link on the website.   

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